Friday, 9 March 2012

When the boredness comes to the highest frequency !

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.

Assalamualaykum. Salam Yaumul Jumuah my beauty-cute-handsome readers! So, today i'm trying to get the mood of updating my sweet-simple-ugly blog. Wachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa zumbabwe-zilakak! (cool isn't it? The sudden trademark I created? HAHA) How terrible it was.

At last, I got my NEW SPIRIT after i've done my blogwalking activities and I found that my other classmate blogs was really awesome! superb! much moreee bling-bling than me. And I just like, " Damn! how come theirs become such more better than me." very the superhot-PHD my feeling at that time. * PHD stand for : Perasaan Hasad Dengki [please add-in to your new vocabulary books]

So, actually I still don't know what to post. But i think, by upload some pictures here is the best way. Cause frankly speaking, i just love more pictures than read the text. It really does! Or perhaps i should start my sentence with "In my point of view...." because not everyone will agree with my statement. Dont you think guys? Teehee :) Except when someone mumbled their own stories in their own ways and it attract me to read it hundreds time. Ahhh, just love it!

Okay after few-fewwwww -few hours i'm trying to upload a pictures. It doesn't work! except this untitled one.

I'm so frustated because the line here was totallyyyyyyy pfffffft! Hmm no la, it just a symbol showing that how sad i am. Hhehehehe. Perhaps i will update later new story with full package of pictures after this! promise kay! Dun worry. Thanks for read. If u'olz read la, if not, who cares?? :DD 


  1. wei, post la bnyk22222222.....cos sy nak komen bynk22222222222222 hehehehe
    sekian ^_^

  2. buatlaa cita yg tym kayak pla,,,....heheheeheheh

    lagu ko daebak ^^

  3. Permulaan yang baguis...jalan cerita yang santai ^_^ update selalu untuk perkongsian ^_^

    Madam Fathihin

  4. Thanx madam!!! heee feel free to visit again :)