Friday, 16 March 2012

Gunung Brinchang wait for me!

Assalamualaykum guys & Salam 1 Love.

Last week i'd joined for hiking trip at the Cameron Highland. And it was totally awesome!!! [ I dunno how to elaborate more on it] Hahaha.

Actually, I joined it for last minute and I'm being the last person who registered before the brother who manages the activity said "Fullhouse!" Everything always last minute in my life.The program is under FST #Faculty Science & Technology, majority seniors-who in third years, except for our guide, who is seniors who already graduate. But they open up for those who want to join.

First thing, the seniors quite surprised because me and the gang was from FPQS student. Maybe, they do not know how strong physical and mental, fit we are. [ It's a lie statement].We hiked up to Gunung Brinchang start from 9.30 morning, from the parking bus to the water reservoir takes about 30minute.Let's enjoy our sweet picture. Teehee.

Everyone was so excited. Huuuu~
See the signs at the back? Yellow one. 
This our first check point. Ignore the colgate promotion.[mampus aku kalo bro tuh bace]
Everyone rest for a while, exhausted! Then took pictures together.

Alhamdulillah, the unexpected weather that day, Not rainy.
At last, we arrived at the peak of Mountain Berinchang!! About two hour and a half (forgot already). They should change the signboard.
Our picture together, one bus only. Smileeeee.
Surprisingly, there are many tourist uphere. They love more nature than us and they said Malaysians are so nice. Haha proud to be.
MasyaAllah beautiful! GREENN Day.
So here the tower to see all the views. Some cooked theirs maggi, some brings their TAPAU FOOD#Foods that you brings to somewhere else. Please be prepared and brings enough of food, especially mineral water.
Huhu and after one hour rest, we walked down through the road. For about 11km !! Fuhhh, and if you don't want to hike up, then u may choose to drive..
Along the journey, we also going through the tea farm. Owhh so cool.
We already jama' takhir our prayer. So you don't need to worry okay.Then after tired, we check into our best places. Wanna know where is it? Hahaha Sk convent hostel! Frankly speaking, I'm really miss our hostel moment. So everyone was enjoyed at that time. At night, we went for shopping at Pasar Malam Berinchang. The next day, we went back home!
The end of the story. Huhu. Perhaps its benefits to readers, you should be prepare mentally & physically. Wassalam :)


  1. bez nye... rse nk g la plak...huhuhu

  2. kak dila, meh la! nanti satu class pegi jom. Huhu

  3. untunglaaaaaaaa dpt g nek gunung.....

  4. Ehem, ade rezki awak pulak naek ye..

  5. waa..mcm bez ni semua budak USIM ke..??relek je pakai short pant...=.='

  6. err, sume USIM. Ya Allah,silap aku kot sbb post pic tuh, nti aku delete. dorang pakai smpai tutup lutut, tp bile dah duduk, tu yg TER-nampak kot.asiff, next tyme aku kne careful la ni.Tq