Thursday, 15 March 2012

Chipsmore the series. Very very short-story

Bismillah, bi-idznillah.

As usual, I'm still thinking what should I need to update here. And also my "promise" before this, [please read my first post to know what is it all about], again I repeat, I'll keep my promise hokay!

Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute ( betoi ka ayat english aku ni? awat terok sangat)
 Actually,,, I have a short-story to tell.

In the middle of Kampung Selasih Teratak Empat Belas, they were two chipsmore. They know each other for quite long time.
From left : Cibbi marukochan & Princess Sue

They always  talked each other about their future life. Spend time together, spend money together too.
"Hmm, How is it after 10 years later?"..

Then, everything changed. Cibbi Marukochan found new friends. Cikmeezo, a sweet-cool-rock person.
She is the third chipsmore.

Princess Sue give up. She thought Cibbi doesn't want to friend with her anymore.
I'm alone. Its better for me to play game first.
Until one day, tadaaaaa SUPRISED!! 
We celebrated Princess bufday together. We enjoyed so much! Forget all the misunderstanding.
Starting from that, the three chipsmore become closer. Laughing, crying, shopping, melantak-ing together.
May the Ukhuwwah tied them together until Jannah, Ensyaallah.
The end.


  1. amboiiiiiiiiii.....
    cibbi marukochan????x menahan....
    typo pla 2....chibi laaa..
    papun nice story ^_____^

  2. Hahaha cute ape name tuh. Lebey kurang BB la..hihi nape kite tak boleh komen blog awk?